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Summer Slam™ July 16 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Summer Slam™ July 16 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Jul 16, 2022
Aurora (IL), Romeoville (IL)  Aurora (IL), Romeoville (IL) 
Boys & Girls


ONE DAY SHOOTOUTS are youth basketball tournaments for boys and girls ages 2nd thru 12th. Travel, school and feeder basketball programs are all welcome (A & B divisions). Registration deadline is 10 days prior to the tournament. These basketball tournaments sell out very quickly! Only 8 openings in each bracket (A or B) ... first-come, first-served!

  • 2 games
  • 'A' and 'B' divisions (and C if needed)
  • Games are scheduled every other hour
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Beautiful full-size basketball courts
  • Great concessions, TVs and WiFi
  • All referees are state certified
  • Multiple-team discounts


One Day Shootouts

(224) 764-1329


M14Hoops Academy

2414 Church Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505
1 - England, 2 - Bosnia, 3 - Germany, 4 - Rwanda, 5 - Spain, 6 - Argentina

Romeoville Athletic & Events Center

55 Phelps Avenue, Romeoville, Illinois 60446
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6, Court 7, Court 8, Court 9, Court 10

Boys 3rd
Memorial Park Traveling Wildcats 3rd
Boys 4th
BIG3 Dixon 4th
First Step RedHawks 4th
IDM Panthers 3/4th
No Mercy Blaze 3/4th
Region Future 2030 Elite 4th
Region Future 2030 Select 4th
Boys 5th
Berwyn Mustangs 5th
D.A.Y.O.N.E. Basketball 5th
EOB 5th
Firestars 5th
First Step RedHawks 5th
Illinois Flight 5th
Illinois Kings 5th
Midwest Royals 5th
Boys 6th
Chicago Rebelz 5/6th
Dblp Basketball Black 6th
Dixon stars basketball Club- Black 6th
First Step RedHawks 6th
Illinois Central Elite - 5th-6th Grey 5/6th
Illinois Flight 6th
MAN UP 5/6th 5/6th
Midwest Bobcats Blue 6th
Midwest Wildcats-Lindsay 5/6th
No Mercy All-Stars 5/6th
Red Raiders 5/6th
South Cook Jaguars 6th
Team MC 6th Boys Maroon 6th
Boys 7th
ALL IN Hart 6/7th
BIG3 Dixon 7th
Calumet Park Jaguars 6/7th
Dixon stars basketball club-Gold 7th
Firestars 6/7th
Illinois Central Elite - 7th White 7th
Illinois Flight 7th
Illinois Flight 6/7th
Mac Irvin FIRE 7th
Midwest Bobcats Blue 7/8th 7th
Midwest Bobcats White 6/7th
No Mercy Legends 7th
Boys 8th
BIG3 Gio 8th
BIG3 Roselle 8th
Calumet Park Jaguars 8th
Dblp Basketball 7/8th
DP Warriors 7/8th
Illinois Intruders 8th
Meanstreetsbrown 8th
Team Fvv Danforth 8th
Team FVV Fair 8th
Team FVV Robinson 8th
Team M.O.R.E 2026 8th
Thunder 7/8th
Boys 9th
ALL IN Select Hart 9th
BIG3 Brock Red 9th
BIG3 Brock White 9th
Dekalb Bengals 8/9th
Illinois Flight 9th 9th
Boys 10th
Eastland 10th
IDM Panthers 9/10th
Ridge Rangers 10th
TNT (2nd) 10th
Boys 11th
AmayaAdvantage 1a 11th
CSA 17U 11th
No Mercy Heat 10/11th
Girls 3rd
Midwest Bobcats 3rd Girls 3rd
Girls 4th
Midwest Bobcats 3/4 3/4th
Midwest Wildcats-Park 4th
Rockford Heat 3/4th
Girls 5th
Angels Basketball 5th
Bolingbrook Panthers 4/5th
Eureka 11U Girls 5th
Lady Lightning Columbia 5 5th
Team MC 4th/5th Girls Maroon 4/5th
WI PGC 2029 5th
Girls 6th
Angels Basketball 5/6th
Lady Lightning Columbia 6 6th
Lady Lightning Elite 6 6th
Lady No Limit 6th
Midwest Bobcats Blue 5/6th 5/6th
Midwest Wildcats-Abney 6th
Rockford Heat 5/6th
Girls 7th
ALL IN Pearson 7th
Bolingbrook Panthers 7 6/7th
Energy Basketball Club 6/7th
Lady Lightning Columbia 7 7th
Midwest Bobcats 7th
Midwest Wildcats-Gunderson 7th
Rockford Heat Bonnet 7th
Girls 8th
A2Zoe/Erin 7/8th
Bolingbrook Panthers 8th
Energy Basketball Club 8th
Illinois Evolution Black 8th
Lady No Limit 8th
Limitless - Wells 8th Elite 8th
Midwest Wildcats-Palmer 8th
Rockford Heat Red 8th
Girls 9th
Angels 15 - Douglas 9th
Outwork Elite 8/9th
Rockford Heat Staciones 9th
Girls 10th
No Mercy ICE 10th
Warriors 10th
Girls 11th
Angels Basketball V 10/11th
Girls 12th
Fusion Varsity 11/12th