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Breakfast City Spring Hoops Festival 1-Day

Breakfast City Spring Hoops Festival 1-Day

May 15, 2022
Battle Creek (MI)  Battle Creek (MI) 
Boys & Girls
4th, 6th-9th, 11th-12th


Breakfast City Spring Hoops Festival presented by Southwest Michigan Hoops. Boys & Girls 3/4th, 5/6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10/11th, and 12th grade divisions. Coaches may request to be placed in the community and school division or club travel based division. Trophies for first place and medals for second place.

Teams are guaranteed four games for the two day event and three games for the one day event.

All games are stopped clock. There will be a 14 minute halves stop clock for grade school and middle school divisions. All high school divisions will be 16 minute stop clock.

Each team will be allowed to warm up for three to five minutes. Halftime will be three minutes unless the court is behind schedule. Each team will have two sixty minute timeouts per half. Time outs will not carry over from half too half or overtime. Overtime will be 2 minutes with each team having one timeout. If there is a second overtime we will have sudden death without and timeouts for either team. When a team is ahead by 30 or more points during the second half only there will be a running clock until the loosing team can get the lead to 20 points or below. Any team ahead by 30 points or more the team ahead in points will not be allowed to press. If a team is ahead by 20 or more points during the last two minutes of the game the game will end due to the mercy rule.

For the 3/4th grade divisions teams are not allowed to press until second half. Additionally teams will not be allowed to play zone in the 3/4th grade divisions unless both coaches agree prior to the beginning of the game. Once the game has started the press rule and or zone rule agreement will remain in place for the entire game.

Teams may play in multiple divisions as long as they are playing in a older division. Club teams will not be allowed to play in SCHOOL / COMMUNITY DIVISIONS WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF ALL THE COACHES IN THAT DIVISION PRIOR TO THE TOURNAMENT!!!

Games are scheduled in hour blocks

State-of-the-art facilities

Beautiful full-size basketball courts

Great concessions,

All referees are state certified

Multiple-team discounts

Tournament Director reserves the right to make changes to all rules at his or her discretion.

Please contact Brenton Watkins for additional questions, concerns, or suggestions.




Lakeview High School

15060 Helmer Rd South, Battle Creek, Michigan 49015
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4