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Windy City Live™ April 20 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Windy City Live™ April 20 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Apr 20, 2024
Aurora (IL), Homer Glen (IL), Romeoville (IL), Cicero (IL), West Chicago (IL)  Aurora (IL), Homer Glen (IL), Romeoville (IL), Cicero (IL), West Chicago (IL) 
Boys & Girls


ONE DAY SHOOTOUTS are youth basketball tournaments for boys and girls ages 2nd thru 12th. Travel, school and feeder basketball programs are all welcome (A & B divisions). Registration deadline is 5 days prior to the tournament. These basketball tournaments sell out very quickly! Only 8 openings in each bracket (A or B) ... first-come, first-served!

  • 2 games
  • 'A' and 'B' divisions (and C if needed)
  • Games are scheduled every other hour
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Beautiful full-size basketball courts
  • Great concessions, TVs and WiFi
  • All referees are state certified
  • Multiple-team discounts



One Day Shootouts

(224) 764-1329


M14Hoops Academy

2414 Church Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505
1 - England, 2 - Bosnia, 3 - Germany, 4 - Rwanda, 5 - Spain, 6 - Argentina

MegaPlex Sports Center (MPX)

15301 South Bell Road, Homer Glen, Illinois 60491
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3

Romeoville Athletic & Events Center

55 Phelps Avenue, Romeoville, Illinois 60446
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6, Court 7, Court 8, Court 9, Court 10

Unity Junior High School (West Campus)

2151 S 54th Avenue, (USE DOOR 1 OR 6 FOR ENTRY), Cicero, Illinois 60804
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6

Wheaton Academy

900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago, Illinois 60185
Main, Fieldhouse 1, Fieldhouse 2, Fieldhouse 3

2/3rd Boys Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN Raiders White 2nd/8U
BIG3 Bonnema 3rd/9U
Elite Hustlers 2nd/8U
HD 2033/2034 Spring 2-3rd/9U
3rd Boys arrow_forward
ALL IN Raiders Black I 3rd/9U
Ignite 3rd Elter 3rd/9U
Knocks Basketball 3rd/9U
OTE 3 Burgundy 3rd/9U
3/4th Boys arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 3-4th/10U
GSBS Black 4th/10U
HD 2032 Orange Spring 4th/10U
M14Hoops 4th Red 1 4th/10U
4th Boys Grey arrow_forward
A.B.M Gold 3-4th/10U
Midwest Bocats 3/4 Boys White 3-4th/10U
Midwest Lakers 4th/10U
3/4th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
Fox Valley Force 3-4th/10U
HD 2032 Black Spring 4th/10U
Ronnie Fields Elite Silver 4th/10U
4th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Aurora East Tomcats 3-4th/10U
Kingsmen Spring 4th/10U
OTE 4 White 4th/10U
Ronnie Fields Elite Gold 3-4th/10U
4th Boys White arrow_forward
BIG3 Parks Black 4th/10U
M14Hoops 4th Black 1 4th/10U
Pardise Blue 4th/10U
Xtreme Hustle 4th/10U
4th Boys Red arrow_forward
Capital City Teamwork Elite 4th/10U
Illinois Junior Raptors 4th/10U
OTE 4 Burgundy 4th/10U
Walker Elite 4th/10U
5th Boys arrow_forward
BIG3 Green 4-5th/11U
GSBS White 5th/11U
Wheatland Wizards 5th/11U
5th Boys Maroon arrow_forward
HD 2031 White Spring 5th/11U
Knocks Basketball 5th/11U
NEB 4-5th/11U
5th Boys Green arrow_forward
ALL IN Raiders Blue I 5th/11U
Illinois Basketball Club 4-5th/11U
M14Hoops 5th Black 3 5th/11U
PSB Chicago 5th/11U
5th Boys Orange arrow_forward
GSBS Blue 5th/11U
Midwest Bocats 4/5 Boys White 4-5th/11U
Midwest Lakers Johnson 5th/11U
Region Rebels 5 Boys Simpson 5th/11U
RTG Hawks 5th grade 5th/11U
5th Boys White arrow_forward
Illinois Impact 5th Boys 5th/11U
Illinois Sun Devils 5th/11U
Midwest Lakers Reibel 5th/11U
5th Boys Red arrow_forward
BIG3 Parks S/S 5th/11U
Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs 5th/11U
Spring 5th 5th/11U
6th Boys arrow_forward
Dragons 5-6th/12U
Firestars 5-6th/12U
Paradise 5-6th/12U
5/6th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 5-6th/12U
M14Hoops 6th Red 1 6th/12U
PSB Chicago 6th/12U
Team Fvv Kennedy 5-6th/12U
6th Boys Grey arrow_forward
Aurora East Tomcats 5-6th/12U
GSBS Blue 6th/12U
Illinois Elgin Elite (Bardo) 5-6th/12U
5/6th Boys Maroon arrow_forward
Knocks Blue 6th/12U
Midwest Bocats 6 Boys 6th/12U
NEB 5-6th/12U
6th Boys Teal arrow_forward
BIG3 Parks S/S 6th/12U
Kingsmen Spring 6th/12U
Ronnie Fields Elite Silver 6th/12U
6th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
Ignite 6th Belford 6th/12U
Midwest Lakers 6th/12U
6th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Illinois Basketball Club 6th/12U
Illinois Legacy Basketball Club 6th/12U
M14Hoops 5th Black 1 5th/11U
No Mercy Mayhem 6th/12U
6th Boys White arrow_forward
BIG3 Davis 6th/12U
Frankfort Warriors 6th/12U
M14Hoops 6th Black 1 6th/12U
Team Fvv Powell 6th/12U
6th Boys Red arrow_forward
LockDown YATES 6th/12U
M14Hoops 6th Rising Gold 6th/12U
Road 2 Greatness 6th/12U
7th Boys arrow_forward
BALL and CHAIN 7th/13U
ILFSB 6-7th/13U
Illinois Impact White 7th Boys 6-7th/13U
M14Hoops 7th Red 2 7th/13U
7th Boys Black arrow_forward
Chicago Unleashed 7th/13U
Midwest Bocats 7 Boys Blue 7th/13U
NM Warriors 7th/13U
7th Boys Teal arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 7th/13U
GSBS White 7th/13U
HD 2029 Grey Spring 7th/13U
PSB Chicago 7th/13U
7th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
Illinois Sun Devils 12u 6-7th/13U
Knocks Basketball 7th/13U
M14Hoops 7th Black 3 7th/13U
No Mercy Kings 7th/13U
7th Boys Grey arrow_forward
Eastside Diablos 7th/13U
ICE Basketball Leadership Academy 7th/13U
Illinois Elgin Elite (De Caro) 7th/13U
Paradise 7th/13U
Road 2 Greatness White 7th/13U
7th Boys White arrow_forward
BIG3 Davis S/S 7th/13U
LockDown MAMPE 7th/13U
M14Hoops 7th Black 1 7th/13U
No Mercy All-Stars 7th 7th/13U
Willowbrook Jr. Warriors 7th/13U
7th Boys Red arrow_forward
Illinois Basketball Club 7th/13U
Illinois Legacy Basketball Club 7th/13U
Midwest Bocats 7 Boys Black 7th/13U
NWI Revolution 7th/13U
8th Boys arrow_forward
Dragons 7-8th/14U
MacArthur Generals 7-8th/14U
Midwest Bocats 8 Boys Blue 8th/14U
Three Point High 7-8th/14U
Thunder Elite 7-8th/14U
8th Boys Orange arrow_forward
Firestars 7-8th/14U
ILFSB 8th/14U
M14Hoops 8th National 1 8th/14U
PSB Chicago Black 8th/14U
8th Boys Green arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 8th/14U
Infinity Sports 7-8th/14U
M14Hoops 8th Regional 3 8th/14U
PSB Chicago Yellow 8th/14U
8th Boys Teal arrow_forward
Road 2 Greatness Bronze 8th/14U
Streamwood Jr. Sabres 7-8th/14U
Wheatland Wizards 8th/14U
8th Boys Pink arrow_forward
LockDown YATES 8th/14U
M14Hoops 8th Regional 4 8th/14U
Ronnie Fields Elite Silver 8th/14U
8th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
BIG3 Coach K 8th/14U
Kingsmen Spring 8th/14U
No Mercy Legends 8th/14U
Paradise Blue 8th/14U
8th Boys Blue arrow_forward
BIG3 Peters 8th/14U
Illinois Elgin Elite (Bardo) 8th/14U
Midwest Bocats 8 Boys Black 8th/14U
8th Boys White arrow_forward
Illinois Basketball Club 8th/14U
Lombard Red Raiders 8th/14U
M14Hoops 7th Rising Gold 7th/13U
M14Hoops 8th Regional 1 8th/14U
Team MC Gold 8th/14U
8th Boys Red arrow_forward
LockDown MAMPE 8th/14U
Power Up Spring 24 8th/14U
Willowbrook Warriors 8th/14U
9th Boys arrow_forward
BIG3 JT 9th/15U
Mercury Elite 15U Tiknis 9th/15U
SKYHAWKS 8-9th/15U
9th Boys Blue arrow_forward
BIG3 Peters 9th/15U
Chicago Swarm 9th/15U
PSA Ballers Regional 8-9th/15U
9th Boys White arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops Loki 9th/15U
No Mercy Knights 9th/15U
Paradise Blue 9th/15U
The Knights 8-9th/15U
9th Boys Red arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops Ty/Jorge 9th/15U
M14Hoops 15U National 2 15 & Under
NWI HUSTLE 15u 9th/15U
Road 2 Greatness 15U Holmes 9th/15U
9/10th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Midwest Bocats HS Boys Blue 9-10th/16U
Team Dream Chasers 15U 9-10th/16U
UTC Fire 9-10th/16U
JV Boys Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 10th/16U
Illinois Elgin Elite (De Caro) 9th/15U
SBT BLACK 9-10th/16U
HS Boys Teal arrow_forward
ALL IN Simmons 10th/16U
Rockford Heat Boys 9-10th/16U
Wheatland Wizards 10th/16U
HS Boys Black arrow_forward
Knights 9/10 9-10th/16U
M14Hoops 15U National 1 15 & Under
Mercury Elite 15U Lindstedt 10th/16U
No Limit 10th/16U
HS Boys Grey arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops Davis 10th/16U
M14Hoops 16U National 2 16 & Under
Mercury Elite 16U Pagano 10th/16U
HS Boys Maroon arrow_forward
M14Hoops 16U National 3 16 & Under
Mercury Elite 16U Bottorff 10th/16U
PSA Ballers 10th/16U
HS Boys Green arrow_forward
OTE 10 10-11th/17U
Southside Shooters - Manning 11th/17U
Three Point High 10-11th/17U
HS Boys Yellow arrow_forward
ALL IN Ralston 11th/17U
Chicago Hoops Tyler/Issac 10th/16U
ILFSB 11-12th/18U
HS Boys Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm 18U
Illinois Faith 10-11th/17U
M14Hoops 16U National 1 16 & Under
Swinnie Select 10-11th/17U
HS Boys White arrow_forward
Knights 17u 11-12th/18U
No Mercy 17u 11th/17U
SBT BLACK 11-12th/18U
Southside Shooters - Lehnerer 11-12th/18U
HS Boys Red arrow_forward
Hustle Elite 11-12th/18U
Illinois Faith 11-12th/18U
Mercury Elite 17U Cruickshank 11th/17U
Team Dream Chasers 17U 17 & Under
3rd Girls arrow_forward
ALL IN Raiders 3rd/9U
Lady HD 2032 Spring 4th/10U
LW Xplosion - Dizon 3rd/9U
OMG Green Spring 4th/10U
OTE 3 Burgundy 3rd/9U
4th Girls arrow_forward
BIG3 Alina 4th/10U
Chicagos Finest Summer 2024 4th/10U
GSBS Blue 4th/10U
OMG Blue Spring 4-5th/11U
4th Girls Red arrow_forward
Fox Valley Force 4th/10U
M14Hoops 4th Black 1 4th/10U
Team MC Combo 4th/10U
5th Girls arrow_forward
Ignite 4/5th Martin 4-5th/11U
OMG White Spring 5th/11U
The Knights - Team White 5th/11U
Waukegan Wreckers 4-5th/11U
5th Girls White arrow_forward
Chicagos Finest Summer Group 1 5th/11U
Huntley Red Raiders 5-6th/12U
Wi. Playground Elite - Speights 4th/10U
5th Girls Teal arrow_forward
Chicagos Finest Summer 2024 Group 2 5th/11U
Fox Valley Force 5th/11U
NWI Select Premier 5th/11U
5th Girls Red arrow_forward
M14Hoops 5th Black 1 5th/11U
Wi. Playground Elite - Speights 4-5th/11U
Wolverinas 2031 5th/11U
5/6th Girls arrow_forward
Full Package (Wagner) 5-6th/12U
Midwest Lakers Girls 5-6th/12U
OMG Red Spring 5-6th/12U
Rockford Elite Admani/Dettman 5-6th/12U
Streamwood Jr. Sabres 5-6th/12U
5/6th Girls White arrow_forward
NDS 6th/12U
Southside Shooters Ferg 5-6th/12U
The Knights - Team Purple 5-6th/12U
5/6th Girls Red arrow_forward
Lady HD 2030 Spring 6th/12U
Midwest Bocats 6 Girls White 6th/12U
MY Journey 5-6th/12U
6th Girls Teal arrow_forward
Illinois Lady Raptors 5-6th/12U
M14Hoops 6th Black 1 6th/12U
Midwest Bocats 6 Girls Black 6th/12U
6th Girls Blue arrow_forward
Lady Mustangs White 6th/12U
Midwest Bocats 6 Girls Blue 6th/12U
MY Journey 6th/12U
6th Girls White arrow_forward
Gators 6th/12U
Knocks Basketball 6th/12U
Western Springs Wildcats 6th/12U
6th Girls Red arrow_forward
OTE 6 Burgundy 6th/12U
Team MC Maroon 6th/12U
Team Soil 6th/12U
7th Girls arrow_forward
Meanstreets Blue 6-7th/13U
OMG Gold Spring 6-7th/13U
The Knights - Team Black 7th/13U
7th Girls Blue arrow_forward
BIG3 Diellza 7th/13U
Full Package (Wagner) 7th/13U
M14Hoops 7th Black 1 7th/13U
7th Girls White arrow_forward
No Mercy Queens2 7th/13U
NWI Select 7th/13U
Team MC Gold 7th/13U
7th Girls Red arrow_forward
Ignite 7th Balis 7th/13U
OTE 7 Burgundy 7th/13U
Team Soil 7-8th/14U
7/8th Girls Blue arrow_forward
Illinois No Limit 14U 8th/14U
OMG Maroon Spring 7-8th/14U
The Knights - Team Gold 7-8th/14U
Waukegan Wreckers 7-8th/14U
7/8th Girls White arrow_forward
Lady HD 2028 Orange Spring 8th/14U
Lady Mustangs Royal 8th/14U
MY Journey 7-8th/14U
Russell's Tigers 7-8th/14U
8th Girls White arrow_forward
Huntley Red Raiders 8th/14U
Lady No Limit 8th/14U
MY Journey 8th/14U
8th Girls Red arrow_forward
Ignite 8th Dreyer 8th/14U
NWI Select 8th/14U
Ronnie Fields Elite 8th/14U
HS Girls Teal arrow_forward
Fusion 9th/15U
Lady Mustangs Gold 9th/15U
Midwest Bocats HS Girls White 9th/15U
HS Girls Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops 9th/10th 9-10th/16U
M14Hoops 15U Regional 1 9th/15U
M14Hoops 15U Regional 2 15 & Under
NWI Select 9th/15U
HS Girls White arrow_forward
LockDown JNIEGO 10th/16U
M14Hoops 16U Regional 2 16 & Under
PSA Lady Ballers 10th/16U
SOIL 9-10th/16U
HS Girls Red arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops Myk 11-12th/18U
M14Hoops 16U Regional 1 16 & Under
NWI Select 11th/17U
Together On 3 11th/17U
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[# game.teamA.schedule_name #]
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[# game.teamA.season_win #] - [# game.teamA.season_lose #]
[# endif #]
[# game.teamB.schedule_name #]
[# if (game.teamBScore !== null) #]
[# game.teamBScore #]
[# else #]
[# game.teamB.season_win #] - [# game.teamB.season_lose #]
[# endif #]
[# if (game.forfeitTeamA || game.forfeitTeamB) #]
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